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Calgary Bootcamp Owner Reveals The Exercise That Makes You Fat

By Jimmy Hartley

Hey there.  I hope you are having a great day.  I want to talk about something that drives me crazy.  It's one of the biggest conspiracies in the fitness industry. This is probably going to piss a lot of people off, but oh well.  I'm not about being politically correct, I'm about what works and why it does work. Period. Here it... »

Calgary Bootcamp Instructor Reveals Three of the BEST Fat Loss Exercises(Part 1)

By Jimmy Hartley

Unless you are a manual labourer for a living, you probably don't get enough lifting in during the day.  Performing "meat and vegetable" (not meat and potato, the potato spikes your insulin too much) exercises that deliver the most bang for your buck should be the foundation and corner stone of your workouts. However, most people do them completely wrong, resulting... »

Calgary Personal Trainer Answers The Question: How Much Water Do I Drink?

By Jimmy Hartley

  A recent University of Calgary study revealed that 75% on Canadians are chronically dehydrated.  You probably are too and don’t even realize it.  The old saying “you should drink 8 glasses of water per day” is so 1987.  Although that would probably be a huge improvement for some, that amount is simply not enough for... »

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